How to Choose a Qualified Lawyer

  1.  Choose an elder law attorney. Other attorneys simply may not have the knowledge, skill, judgment or experience to plan for your needs and desires properly.
  2. Choose an attorney you trust. Nothing is more important in a lawyer/client relationship than having a lawyer you trust.
  3. Choose an attorney who does your work himself. If the attorney gives your work to his assistant or paralegal, then why hire the attorney?
  4. Choose an attorney who provides excellent service. Anything less is not acceptable.
  5. Choose an attorney who will answer all of your questions. You won’t make good decisions if your questions remain unanswered.
  6. Choose an attorney who will return your phone calls quickly. You should never hire a lawyer who won’t respond promptly to your needs.
  7. Choose an attorney who will inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of probate. Some estate planning attorneys earn their livings from probate, so they won’t likely tell you to avoid it.
  8. Choose an attorney who is a respected source of information — one who had dedicated his practice to helping people understand their elder law alternatives.
  9. Choose an attorney who charges fair fees. If the fee is too low, the attorney may be leaving something out. And if the fee is sky high, the lawyer may be overcharging you.
  10. Choose an attorney who provides free telephone consultations. You never know when something might come up.
  11. Choose an attorney who offers free initial consultations. Shouldn’t you be able to talk with the lawyer for free before you decide whether to hire him.

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